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What Makes TLS Shape Up™ Starter Kit A Unique?

The statistics are daunting. Over the past three decades, the childhood obesity rate in America has skyrocketed. Today, approximately nine million children over six years of age are considered obese, and 54 percent of American children say they are concerned about their weight.

We know it’s difficult. Today’s youth face more pressures and influences than ever before. Those burdens carry tremendous weight – both emotional and physical. Don’t let those stresses weigh you down. Don’t become a statistic.

TLS Shape Up is designed with kids, for kids. There are no gimmicks, just proven results. It teaches goal setting and planning skills while instructing kids the fundamentals of good nutrition and exercise. It helps not just kids, but families understand that their decisions today will affect them tomorrow.

TLS Shape Up is not a one-time fix for a weight problem; it is a commitment to a healthier life. With that in mind, the TLS Shape Up Starter Kit has been designed to provide your child with the tools he or she needs to not just lose weight, but make conscious decisions regarding their overall health.

Each part of the TLS Shape Up Starter Kit – the DVDs, the journal, the supplements – are tools to a more healthy life. The TLS Shape Up Starter Kit helps provide the education and motivation to be successful on the TLS Shape Up program by taking your child through the first six-week program, and offering guidance and support each step of the way.

The TLS Shape Up Journal has been shown to boost success rates among youth by keeping them accountable for their daily foods and activities, and allows them to monitor their own behaviors and track trends that may be occurring in their lives. The accompanying parents’ and coaches’ guide is a valuable resource for adults who are helping guide the teens in the program.

The accompanying DVDs and CDs provide entertaining information sure to engage you and your child in the TLS Shape Up program. These materials will help to answer any questions you and your child may have, while also providing needed guidance and assurances that are critical in the process of change. Each segment will discuss topics and issues that you will come across through your journey, including: how to make healthier food choices; how to modify unhealthy behaviors; why your body responds the way it does during activity and exercise; and how building a positive self-image can help you reach your personal goals.

Today’s busy lifestyles sometimes don’t lend themselves to healthy eating. Processed foods found in a typical teenager’s diet don’t provide all the recommended daily value of vitamins and nutrients the body needs. That’s why the TLS Start Up Starter Kit offers nutritional supplements specifically chosen to help your child gain valuable nutrients through the program. The Might-a-Mins® Spectrum Isotonix® multivitamin helps ensure optimal intake of vitamins and minerals for growing bodies. The Might-a-Mins® Spectrum Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes promotes optimal absorption of nutrients and aids in digestion of foods.*

What’s included:

TLS Shape Up™ Journal
TLS Shape Up™ Parents’ and Coaches’ guide
TLS Shape Up™ DVD series
TLS Shape Up™ Audio CD
TLS Shape Up™ Parents’ DVD
Might-A-Mins® Spectrum Isotonix® Multivitamin
Might-A-Mins® Spectrum Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes


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